REU 2011, List of projects

Entropy of Z2 actions , by  Allison Beemer, Travis Morrison, Savannah Smith, JJ Zanazzi

Z2 -actions by symplectic automorphisms of a torus, by Catherine Cannizzo, Alexander Leaf, Nina Sakharova

The Steinhaus conditon for sets in Rn and Urysohn universal space, by Samuel Bloom,  James Moody,Elisabeth Berg, Joshua Keneda

Areas of Countries and Benford’s Law, by Alex Janke and Xiangyu Wang

A General Consideration of DNA Geometric Inequality, by Wenfang Xu  and Jiequn Han

Fundamental domains and the attractor of the Bowen-Series map, by Lisa Amen, Eduard Duriev and Don Laackman

Around Livshitz Theorem
, by Alena Erchenko and Yipu Wang

Hyperbolic Outer Billiards, by Bif (Andrew) Reiser and Henry Gorman