Department of Mathematics of the Pennsylvania State University runs a yearly semester-long intensive program for undergraduate students seriously interested in pursuing a career in mathematical sciences. The Mathematics Advanced Study Semesters (MASS) program started in the Fall of 1996 and is held during the Fall semester of each year.

The principal part of the program consists of three core courses chosen from major areas in Algebra/Number Theory, Analysis, and Geometry/Topology respectively, specially designed and offered exclusively to MASS participants, and a weekly MASS seminar.

Additional features include a periodic listing of challenging problems from various fields of mathematics, colloquium-type lectures by visiting and resident mathematicians, and mathematical projects involving creative use of computers.

The following courses will be offered in the Fall of 2000:


Calendar of Events

Arrival Day08/19
MASS Welcome Party & Orientation08/20
Classes Begin08/22
Labor Day Holiday09/04
Fall Break10/09 - 10/10
Midterm Exams (tentative)10/11 - 10/13
Thanksgiving Holiday
Classes end at 2:15 p.m. on Wednesday 11/22
11/23 - 11/24
Classes End12/08
Final Exams12/11 - 12/15
MASS Graduation Ceremony12/15