Mathematics Advanced Study Semester
Fourteenth Annual
MASS Fest Conference
August 6-7, 2012
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates at Penn State (REU) announces the MASS FEST Conference for the Summer 2012. It will be a small informal conference for MASS and Summer REU program alumni. REU 2012 students will present final research project results. MASS and REU alumni are invited to share their research activities. There will also be guest mathematics lecturers. We hope you plan to attend so you may share both knowledge and MASS and REU memories.

Wednesday, August 8
R. Sharp, D. Levenstein, M. Chao On Tilings with L-shaped Trominoes and Tetrominoes
A. Upneja Tiling Deficient Boards with L-Pentominoes
S. Zhan Tiling Deficient Rectangles with T-Tetrominoes
Z. Rosengarten, A. Reich Transitivity of Infinite-Dimensional Extensions of Anosov Diffeomorphisms
A. Erchenko Lyapunov exponents
W. Stern, W. Leslie Some Positive Livsic-Like Results
Thursday, August 8
U. Carl, K. W. O'Neill, N. Ryder, Establishing a Metric in Max-Plus Geometry
J. Eskeldson, M. Jaffe Imposing a Metric on Rnmin,max
M. Barnicle, N. Ryder, C. Schlom Area Minimization in Normed Space
W. Cheung, M. S. Copenhaver, J. Ferrara   Discrepancy Theory and Connections to Convex Approximation
J. Kraisler, A. Zimmer Behavior of Transient, Exhaustive Polling Systems with N Nodes