Mathematics Advanced Study Semester
Eleventh Annual
MASS Fest Conference
August 12-13, 2009
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates at Penn State (REU) announces the MASS FEST Conference for the Summer 2009. It will be a small informal conference for MASS and Summer REU program alumni. REU 2009 students will present final research project results. MASS and REU alumni are invited to share their research activities. There will also be guest mathematics lecturers. We hope you plan to attend so you may share both knowledge and MASS and REU memories.

Wednesday, August 12
10:00-10:50Professor John RoeMysteries of the fourth dimension
11:00-11:40Zachary Mitchell, Gregory Simon and Xueying ZhaoTrapping light by mirrors
11:50-12:30Andrea Heyman, Haoyuan Li and Corina RayPolygonal outer billiards in hyperbolic plane
2:00-2:40Val ZakharevichSelf-dual polygons
2:50-3:30Patrik Brandt, Brandon Kerr and Ben PonedelDNA inequality in 3d
3:35-4:15Jordan GreenblattLivshitz theorem for matrix valued functions
Thursday, August 13
10:00-10:50Professor Sergei TabachnikovSylvester's theorem
11:00-11:40Stephanie Blanda, Calvin Condon and Christian WoodsBilliards in n-dimensional tetrahedra
11:50-12:30Laura Florescu and Michael LengelClosure condition for a chain of null geodesics
2:00-2:40Natasha Potashnik, Steven Wolf and Adam Zydneyp-adic Reduction Theory
2:50-3:30Peter Bashangel, Michael Horning and Keith LeitmeyerUnbounded bicycles on unicycle path?
3:35-4:15Roman KoganLegendrian Knots, Khovanov Homology and Unicorns