Mathematics Advanced Study Semester
Ninth Annual
MASS Fest Conference
August 15-16, 2007
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates at Penn State (REU) announces the MASS FEST Conference for the Summer 2007. It will be a small informal conference for MASS and Summer REU program alumni. REU 2007 students will present final research project results. MASS and REU alumni are invited to share their research activities. There will also be guest mathematics lecturers. We hope you plan to attend so you may share both knowledge and MASS and REU memories.

Wednesday, August 15
10:00-10:50Sergei Tabachnikov
11:05-11:35Erik LarsonThe DNA Inequality in Non-Convex Regions
11:40-12:10Kledin Dobi
Ashley K. Wheeler
Duality in the Projective Plane
12:15-12:45Alexander Waagen
Nora Youngs
Periodic Orbits in Tetrahedra
2:00-2:30Isaac LevyComplexity of the Dual Billiard for the Regular Pentagon
2:40-3:10Bryan Gillespie
Tyler London
On a Semi-dispersing Billiards of Infinite Entropy
3:15-3:45Carl SutherlandPrimitive Normal Bases in Finite Fields
Thursday, August 16
10:00-10:30Thomas Alden Gassert
Aaron Yeager
Characterization of Vertex-Reinforced Random Walks and Trapping Subgraphs
10:35-11:05Vivek AgarwalaAn Analysis of Bounded Diagonally Non-Recursive Functions
11:15-11:45Andrew Kontaxis
Michael Wijaya
Arithmetic and Geometric Codings
11:50-12:10Alex RosenfieldBoreal Reducibility of Well Founded and Countably Branched Trees
12:15-12:45Weikang Fan
Zach Westerfield
Automorphism Groups of the Binary Tree Generated by Finite Automation
2:00-2:50Adrian Ocneanu
3:10-3:40Daniel McDonald
Zipeng Wang
Conjugacies of Weakly Finitary Rooted Tree Automorphisms
3:40-4:10Dory Deines
Matthew Pancia
Bouncing Balls in Gravity Fields