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Graduate TA Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy for Teaching Assistants


Teaching Assistants are required to be available for work in State College four days prior to the scheduled start of classes in a semester that they are scheduled to teach (Thursday, if classes are scheduled to start on a Monday).  Course coordinators may hold orientation meetings for TAs on the Thursday and Friday prior to classes.  Attendance at these meetings is mandatory unless excused by the course coordinator or Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Teaching assistants are expected to attend all sessions of every class that that they are scheduled to teach, and to remain in State College during the final examination period as needed to proctor and grade final exams and enter the results into eLion.

TAs are responsible for scheduling travel plans to comply with the above policy and, if they travel out of the USA, for ensuring that they have appropriate visas to return.

A TA who fails to comply with the above policy may incur one or more of the following penalties: a reduction in assessed teaching credits; a reduction in stipend; a suspension or termination of his/her teaching assistantship.