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Title:Placement and Remediation
Seminar:Teaching Mathematics Discussion Group Seminar
Speaker:Discussion Attendees, Penn State
For many instructors of lower-level math courses, one major source of frustration is that the students lack the prerequisite knowledge to succeed in the course. This week, we'll discuss the effects of placement and remediation and the interplay between the two. This week, we have three suggested articles: 1.) Insights and Recommendations from the MAA National Study of College Calculus, Chapter 5: Placement and Student Performance in Calculus I (Bressoud and Hsu): 2.) The Link Between Advanced Placement Experience and Early College Success (Klopfenstein and Thomas): 3.) Addressing the Needs of Underprepared Students in Higher Education (Bettinger and Long): As always, the reading is optional. Feel free to show up with some opinions and an open mind!

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:MB102
Date:03 / 17 / 2016
Time:11:15am - 12:14pm