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For more information about this meeting, contact Shuonan Wu, Fei Wang, Yicong Ma.

Title:A Robust Overlapping Schwarz Method for a Class of Hybridized Mixed Discretization of Elasticity
Seminar:CCMA PDEs and Numerical Methods Seminar Series
Speaker:Shihua Gong, Peking University
In this talk, we will first present a family of new mixed finite element methods for linear elasticity. The methods can be efficiently implemented by hybridization. In order words, by introducing the Lagrange multiplier to impose interelement continuity for stress, the solution of the original indefinite system can be locally recovered by the Lagrange multiplier, which is the solution of a symmetric semi-positive-definite (SSPD) system. We then develop an overlapping Schwarz method to the SSPD system and prove its uniform convergence with respect to both the mesh size and Poisson ratio. Numerical tests are presented to validate the theoretical results.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:MB315
Date:02 / 18 / 2016
Time:02:30pm - 04:30pm