Rigid Tilings by L-shaped n-ominoes and Notched Rectangles And The Impossibility Of Tiling Odd by Odd Rectangles by L-shaped OddTiles
    Aaron Calderon(The University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
    Herman Chau (Stanford University)
    Samantha Fairchild (Houghton College)
    Samuel Simon (Carnegie Mellon University)
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Semigroup problems for Aff+ and related groups
    Kevin Lui (UC Santa Barbara)
    Siddharth Venkatesh (UC Berkeley)
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 The Frog Problem, limits and bounds in a probabilistic system
    Gordon Rojas Kirby (Stanford University)
    Huy Mai (Brandeis University)
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 Hilbert Space Extensions of Anosov Diffeomorphisms
    Thomas Silverman (Rice University)
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Periodic Metrics
    Alexander Payne (Princeton University)
    Zhaoning Yang (The Pennsylvania State University)

Billiards on Graphs
    Michael Miller (SCU)
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The Structure of Max-Plus Hemispaces
    Daniel Ehrmann (University of Tampa)
    Zach Higgins (University of Florida)
    Woosub Shin (College of the Holy Cross)
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Results to Improve the Efficiency of BCH and CRC Codes
    Vishal Arul (Stanford University)
    Glen Frost (University of Florida)
    Derek Jung (UCLA)
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Symplectic Topology and Area Preserving Maps of S^2
    Andrew D. Hanlon (The Pennsylvania State University)
    Daniel N. Dore (Princeton University)

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