Thursday, August 11

                 11:30-12:05 Bif Reiser, Henry Gorman
                           Outer Billiards in the Hyperbolic Plane
                 12:40-1:10 Efim Abrikosov
                           Poncelet type theorems

                 Lunch Break

                2:30-3:00 Ao Wang and Clara Hess
                        On periodic billiard trajectories in non-convex domains: a geometric approach.
                3:10-4:10 Josh Keneda, Elisabeth Berg, James Moody, Chenchao Chen, Xiangyu Wang, and Sam Bloom
                        Steinhaus Sets in Euclidean Space and the Urysohn Universal Space.
                4:15-4:45 Dmitri Gekhtman
                         Flying beetles

Friday, August 12

               10:00-10:30  Andrey Voinov
                         How large a variation of geodesic's normal is possible?
               10:35-11:05 Xiangyu Wang and Alex Janke
                         Areas of Countries and Benford's Law
               11:10-11:40 Cathy Cannizzo, Alexander Leaf, Nina Sakharova
                        Z2-actions by Symplectic Automorphisms of a Torus
               11:45-12:15 Allison Beemer, Travis Morrison,Savannah Smith and John Zanazzi
                        Minimal Entropy of Z2 actions

               Lunch break

               2:00-2:30 Don Laackman, Lisa Amen, and Edward Duriev
                       A Dynamical System of the Fuchsian Group Associated to Surfaces of Genus at least 2.
               2:35- 2:55 Chenchao Chen
                      Further Results on Partions with Early Conditions
               3:00-3:20 Ao Wang
                      On the polyhedral origam.
               3:20-3:40 Clara Hess
                     Crocheting curvature
               3:45-4:15 Wenfang Xu and Jiequn Han
                      A General Consideration of DNA Geometric Inequality.
               4:20-4:50 Alena Erchenko and Yipu Wang
                      Around Livshitz Theorem.