Mathematics Advanced Study Semester
Eighth Annual
MASS Fest Conference
August 8 & 10, 2006
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates at Penn State (REU) announces the MASS FEST Conference for the Summer 2006. It will be a small informal conference for MASS and Summer REU program alumni. REU 2006 students will present final research project results. MASS and REU alumni are invited to share their research activities. There will also be guest mathematics lecturers. We hope you plan to attend so you may share both knowledge and MASS and REU memories.

Refreshments available in 114 McAllister Building, 9:30a.m. - 2:40p.m.
All talks will be held in 114 McAllister Building

Tuesday, August 8
10:00-10:30Doris Dobi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Monica Fajardo, The College of New Jersey
Timothy Heath, University of Michigan
Jordan Tirrell, Lafayette College
Periodic Billiard Trajectories in Polytopes and in the Bodies with Smooth Boundaries
10:50–11:30Brandon Herman, Penn State University
Amanda Hoffman, Sam Houston State University
Estimating Bounds for Collisions in Semi-Dispersing Billiards
11:35-12:05Jasmine Ng, UCLA
Arthur Friend, Georgia Institute of Technology
Connecting the Dots between the 4D Terahedron and 3D Dodecahedron
2:00-2:50Alberto Bressan, Penn State UniversityConservation Laws
3:00-3:30Mike Caputo, Penn State University
Kelsee Krull, Alma College
Optimizing Sets of Partially Orthogonal Latin Squares
3:35-4:05Jesse Barbour, St. Edwards University
Tra Ho, Colorado University
Generalization of the Continuous Fractions
Thursday, August 10
10:00-10:40Maria Burago, Penn State University
Iryna Deyneha, Lock Haven University
The Distribution of the Coordinates of the Main Eigenvector in the Random Products of Markov matrices
Part 1: The Benford Law and the Distribution of the Wealth under Random Despots
10:50-11:30John Lesieutre, Harvard UniversityThe Distribution of the Coordinates of the Main Eigenvector in the Random Products of Markov matrices
Part 2: Convergence to the Unique Distribution
11:35-12:05Sam Stromberg, Pomona College
Daniel Volmar, Berkeley University
Convex Body Furthest from the Set of all Ellipses
2:00-2:50John Clemens, Penn State UniversityThe Axiom of Choice, definable cardinalities, and the Banach-Tarski paradox
3:00-3:30Nathan Ordansky, Binghamton University
Benjamin Petersen, Arizona State
Lipschitz Automorphisms of Cantor Space
3:35-4:05John Beagley, Illinois Institute of Technology
Rachael Todd, Morivian College
A Generalization of the Evans Conjecture