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For more information about this meeting, contact Changhe Qiao, Stephanie Zerby, Fei Wang, Shuonan Wu.

Title:A simple finite element method simulating the incompressible high Reynolds number flow and boundary layer separation.
Seminar:CCMA PDEs and Numerical Methods Seminar Series
Speaker:Yunhua Xue, Nankai University
In this talk, we apply the simple finite element numerical scheme to simulate the vorticity-stream function formulation of the incompressible flow over a triangular domain and analyze its boundary layer separation. Compared with many classical finite element fluid solvers, this method avoids a Stokes solver, and only two Poisson-like equations need to be solved at each time step/state. Numerical experiments over this irregular domain for high Reynolds number $Re=10^4, 10^5$ flows are investigated. At same time, the dynamical mechanism of the boundary layer separation, including the bifurcation location and critical time are qualitatively reported.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:MB315
Date:01 / 23 / 2015
Time:03:30pm - 05:00pm