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Title:Metrics with strongly positive curvature on Flag manifolds
Seminar:Geometry Working Seminar
Speaker:Ricardo Mendes, U. Muenster
(Joint work with Renato G. Bettiol) This work concerns a curvature condition for Riemannian manifolds called ``strongly positive curvature''. It lies strictly between positive sectional curvature and positive definite curvature operator, and was introduced by J. Thorpe in the 1970s. We identify the moduli space of homogeneous metrics satisfying this condition on the manifolds W6, W12 and W24 of complete K-flags in K^3, where K is the algebra of complex numbers, quaternions and octonions, respectively. In particular, this finishes the classification of manifolds admitting a homogeneous metric with strongly positive curvature initiated in our previous work. It also suggests a general deformation conjecture.

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Room Number:MB114
Date:02 / 11 / 2015
Time:03:35pm - 04:35pm